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The eye forgives, the ear never. This is an old wisdom of filmmakers and is also valid in 3D animations.

aniSound is the Daz Studio plugin for spatial sound.

Sound sources and listeners can be placed directly in the scene. The plugin calculates the strength of the sound depending on the distance and orientation of the sound source. Using filters and reverb effects, the influence of environments and obstacles can be simulated.

Anisound is more powerful than most audio editors. It supports all common channel configurations. From mono to surround to ambisonic.

Anisound produces multi-channel wave files, regardless of the existing audio hardware.

A comprehensive manual and an understandable step-by-step video tutorial make getting started in the audio world easy.

aniSound is compatible with Windows (32 and 64 Bit Versions).

To the produkt aniSound im DAZ 3D in the Web Shop.